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Full Bootable OS X Backup Mac OS X

"Bootable OS X backup" means that you can start up from the backup, and your computer will appear just as it did when it was last backed up.

• Works on Tiger, Panther and Jaguar - OS X 10.2.3 and later.
• Copies long Unicode file names.
• Uses pre-emptive multitasking to speed file transfer.
• Copies all file permissions.
• Copies files bigger than 2 GB.

Easy Setup Easy Setup
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Set the destination for the backup with a popup. Only directly-connected hard disks may be used as a backup destination.

The "Always" Backup  

Backup Simplicity backs up your system hard disk once a day, usually at night. It will back up even if the computer is "logged out", which means that no one is logged in. The backup will happen as long as the computer is turned on - if the computer is sleeping, it will wake to do the backup.

 Old Files

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Files that would be replaced or deleted from the backup can be saved, so that you can retrieve a document saved on a previous day.