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Q: What can I back up to ?

A: Backup Simplicity backs up to directly-connected hard disks, such as FireWire and IDE disks. IDE disks are less expensive, but they must be mounted internally, so they fit only in desktop Macs, and they are less convenient to move from computer to computer. A bootable backup on a FireWire disk can be used to start up any Macintosh - just plug the disk in and hold down the Option key as the computer starts up.

Backup Simplicity doesn't make backups to CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW disks, and it doesn't back up to server volumes.

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Q: What happens to what I already have on my backup disk ?

A: In order to make a bootable backup, Backup Simplicity must copy everything from the system disk to your backup disk. To keep the backup up to date, it removes files that no longer exist on the system disk.

To keep files that you have on your backup disk from being removed, put them in a folder called "EXCLUDE FROM BACKUP" at the top level of the disk. To avoid mistakes, Backup Simplicity can create this folder for you. Make sure that you put all files and folders that you want to keep in the "EXCLUDE FROM BACKUP" folder, and don't change its name!

Another way to keep other files and folders on the backup disk is to partition the disk into two or more volumes. You do this with Disk Utility. Strictly speaking, Backup Simplicity backs up to a volume, not to a disk, so you can have a volume on your backup disk for a backup of the system disk, and another volume on the same backup disk for other purposes.

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Q: What if I want to backup more than once a day ?

A: Backup Simplicity can automatically back up your system once a day. You can also have it back up at any time manually by opening Backup Simplicity and clicking the "Backup Now" button.

If you want automatic backup more than once a day, please consider Synchronize! Pro X, which has a host of features, including the ability to back up as often as every few minutes.

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Q: How many computers can I put it on ?

When I buy a license for Backup Simplicity, can I put it on my desktop computer and my laptop ?


A: A license for Backup Simplicity is for installation of the software on one computer. If you want to use it on your laptop and your desktop computers, you'll need a license for each computer.

To move Backup Simplicity from one computer to another, uninstall it from the one computer, then install it on the other computer. To uninstall the software, open Backup Simplicity and use the File menu to choose "Uninstall".

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Q: What is Backup Simplicity Launcher ?

What is the Backup Simplicity Launcher file that is in the Applications folder? Clicking on it doesn't do anything.


A: The Backup Simplicity Launcher is a background application that is launched when a user logs in. It opens (launches) Backup Simplicity if an error occurs, so that the user is notified of any errors that occur when Backup Simplicity isn't actually running.

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