Compared with Synchronize! X Plus, Synchronize! Pro X makes bootable system backups, has more flexibility in including and excluding files and folders from synchronizations, and lets you use aliases to sync or backup any collection files and folders, anywhere on your system.

Additional Features in Synchronize! Pro X

  • Make bootable Mac OS X system backups.
  • Use aliases to backup or sync files or folders from anywhere on your system.
  • Copy files with different endings, or a mixture of types and creators.
  • Retry connections to remote servers.
  • Set copied file and folder permissions to desired values. Copy changed file and folder permissions even when the file or folder doesn't need to be copied.
  • Copy invisible files files, including custom icons.
  • Copy the locked state of files.
  • Log copied files, and (optionally) their path.
  • Create custom syncs, like a sync that replaces files in one direction only.


  • View details of files, including folder hierarchy.
  • Manual removal of files/folders from sync/backup list.
  • Automatic deletion of files/folders from destination folder.
  • Multiple schedules for syncs/backups.
  • Scheduled sync/backup can occur without Synchronize! running.
  • Completion of sync/backup can trigger an action like another sync/backup or an AppleScript.
  • File and folder filtering by age, name, creator, or type.
  • Running Log of sync/backup activity and errors.
  • Progress window displays number of files and their size as well as time completed and remaining.
  • Automatic connection to file servers , including password entry.
  • Begin sync/backup options:
    - at login
    - upon disk insertion
    - scheduled
    - manually
  • Move files instead of copying them.

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