Qdea was the first company to provide file synchronization for the Macintosh. We introduced the first file synchronization product for Macintosh in August 1992, before the term "file synchronization" had been coined.

Our Synchronize! Pro product is the tool of choice for high-end server backup because it can reliably handle millions of files on disks containing terabytes of data. When you purchase one of our products, you get that same technology on your desktop.


Synchronize! Pro X 6.9 is compatible with macOS Mojave through OS X 10.6. Download it here.

Synchronize! Pro X is not compatible with MacOS Catalina - Because Synchronize! Pro X is a 32-bit application, it is not supported by Apple on MacOS 10.15 Catalina and later operating systems. A compatible 64-bit version of Synchronize! Pro X is not planned.


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